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    08/22/88 | Evaporative cooling of spin-polarized atomic hydrogen.
    Masuhara N, Doyle J, Sandberg J, Kleppner D, Greytak T, Hess HF, Kochanski G
    Physical Review Letters. 1988 Aug 22;61(8):935-8

    A gas of hydrogen atoms, confined in a static magnetic trap, has been evaporatively cooled to temperatures of a few millikelvin. The initial trap configuration held the gas at 38 mK for as long as 5 h. Evaporative cooling reduced the temperature to 3.0 mK while maintaining the central density at 7.6×10 12   cm −3   . These values were determined by measurement of the rate of electronic spin relaxation and are in agreement with model calculations. Further cooling to 1 mK (inferred from the model) has been achieved. Measurements were made of the efficiency of the evaporative cooling process.

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