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Pachitariu Lab / Positions
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work with us!
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1. The Pachitariu Lab at HHMI Janelia is looking for postdoctoral researchers to lead projects that investigate the neural basis of cognition in rodents. The lab uses large-scale neural recordings combined with modern computational and theoretical approaches. Learn more about our work here.

We are looking for researchers with a PhD in:

* neuroscience / related field 

* computational field, but interested in experimental work.

The Janelia campus, including our lab, is committed to building an inclusive environment for under-represented minorities and women. We strongly encourage applications from all under-represented groups. If interested, please send a CV to


2. The Pachitariu Lab at HHMI Janelia is looking for software consultants to work remotely on various software packages developed in the lab (Suite2p, Kilosort or Cellpose). We are looking for:

* strong programming expertise in Python

* experience in either neuroscience OR software engineering OR tensorflow

* interest in biological applications of current state-of-the-art machine learning methods

We are primarily a computational neuroscience lab, developing software pipelines that are used widely by experimental neuroscientists and other biologists. Our algorithms draw from a large variety of machine learning methods, including deep neural networks, dictionary learning, clustering and time-series analysis.

If interested, send a CV and code samples to