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Stringer Lab / Positions
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Recruiting students

We are seeking doctoral students to investigate how populations of neurons perform and learn complex computations, such as object recognition or navigation. We work closely with experimentalists who record thousands of neurons simultaneously and develop machine-learning tools to extract computational principles from these large-scale data sets. We welcome applications from neuroscientists and from computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists with experience working with big data and/or deep networks.

Janelia's graduate program is a joint program with Johns Hopkins Department of Neuroscience. Feel free to reach out to me with questions via email at To apply to the program, please see more information on the JHU website.

Examples of ongoing projects

  • Creating a neural atlas of behavioral representations across mice and brain areas (using facemap data analysis software)
  • Creating data-inspired methods for structure discovery in large-scale recordings (using rastermap high-dim visualization)
  • Determining the goals of various visual areas by comparing neural activity to deep neural networks trained on various visual tasks
  • Fitting biologically-plausible, deep-network models to neural activity

Desired skill sets

  • Experience working with large-scale datasets and/or machine-learning pipelines
  • Ability to develop creative ideas for applying machine-learning algorithms to neuroscience research
  • Programming experience in python