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Turner Lab / Open Positions
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Postdoctoral positions available to study neural coding in Drosophila.
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Open Positions
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Postdoctoral positions available to study neural coding in Drosophila.
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The Turner lab at Janelia Research Campus is looking for new postdoctoral researchers. Janelia has a highly interactive research community with strengths in both experimental and theoretical neuroscience.  Applicants will have many opportunities to work in collaboration, while developing their own independent research program.

What We Do

We use a combination of two-photon calcium imaging and whole-cell recordings to investigate neural coding in the olfactory system of Drosophila. We are particularly interested in the network-level effects of synaptic plasticity - how synaptic plasticity alters population activity patterns and how this relates to changes at the behavioral level. 

Drosophila also presents an excellent system to link the molecules involved in learning to circuit level changes in neural activity. At Janelia we have the opportunity to explore this in collaboration with groups using ultrastructural and super-resolution imaging techniques. Additionally, there are opportunities to interact with groups with expertise in behavioral analysis, and interest in developing new behavioral paradigms for learning that are compatible with simultaneous imaging and electrophysiology. 

Who We're Looking For

Talented applicants from any research background will be considered, however we’re especially interested in those with expertise in systems or cellular neuroscience. Candidates should have knowledge of, or motivation to learn, electrophysiology, imaging, MATLAB programming (or equivalent) and computational statistics.

What We've Done

Some recent results from the Lab:

  • Heterosynaptic Plasticity Underlies Aversive Olfactory Learning in Drosophila.
    • Hige T, Aso Y, Modi MN, Rubin GM, Turner GC. Neuron (2015) PDF | Press Release
  • Plasticity-driven individualization of olfactory coding in mushroom body output neurons.
  • Integration of the Olfactory Code Across Dendritic Claws of Single Mushroom Body Neurons

Interested in Applying?

Please send your CV and a description of your research interests to Glenn Turner (turnerg<@> Applications will be reviewed until positions are filled.