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Lab Updates

11/21/15 | Our paper on orientation- and direction-tuned thalamic input in mouse V1 is now published in Nature Neuroscience. Here adaptive optics is essential to our discoveries!
10/23/15 | Check out our minimally invasive microendoscopy system designed for two-photon fluorescence microscopy (but also works with other imaging modalities).
07/06/15 | Do you know that mice have UV vision? To know more, go here. Congratulations, Zhongchao and Wenzhi!
06/29/15 | Congratulations to Kai and Wenzhi! To see how we can measure wavefront directly in scattering mouse brain, go to Nature Communications
09/17/14 | Read Na's NeuroView article in Neuron on the practical and fundamental limits of optical imaging in mammalian brains. 
08/17/14 | Read about our newest method for adaptive optical correction in scattering tissue in Nature Methods
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Current Research
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Axial (XZ) images of GFP-filled dendrites in vivo without and with AO correction. The images taken without AO correction have their intensity digitally enhanced by 2x.

Basal dendrites of layer 5 pyramidal neurons imaged in vivo after adaptive optical correction with direct wavefront sensing.