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OIG-ABG Educational Lectures


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Janelia’s Optical Interest Group teams up with John Curtin School of Medical Research (ANU) for a monthly optical educational series, aiming to provide a unique opportunity to learn cutting-edge optical microscope technology and translational biology and medical applications. This series divides into Optics & technology, Optics & Biology, and Optics & Disease. Each Lecture contains the presentation and dedicated Q&A session. Open to all Janelians and Australia Biomedical Groups (ANU, University of Adelaide, UQ, UWA, UNSW, Monash, and Garvan) and beyond.

The recorded presentation will open to the public afterward.  

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Previous Talks

"ample centered design of a Bessel Beam selective plane Illumination Microscope"

Delivered by Jennifer Colonell (Janelia)

  • Specifying a microscope for a particular measurement
  • Basics concepts of a Bessel beam plane illumination microscope
  • Engineering challenges when working with a custom immersion medium
  • Basic concepts of structured illumination for increased resolution
  • Selective plane illumination + structured illumination in “large” 3D samples

Reference: Quantitative mRNA imaging throughout the entire Drosophila brain

"Optical Coherence Elastography: Principles and System Implementation"

Delivered by Brendan Kennedy (UWA)

  • Overview and principles of optical coherence elastography (OCE)
  • System implementation and design considerations
  • Design of OCE imaging probes
  • Clinical and biological applications of OCE
  • Future directions: technology and applications


"Live Imaging with Simultaneous Multi-View (SiMView) Light-sheet Microscopy"

Delivered by Bill Lemon (Janelia)

  • Choosing a microscope for live imaging
  • Advantages of SiMView Light-sheet microscopy (Fast, Low photo-toxicity, Complete coverage, High SNR)
  • Optimizing image quality in long time-lapse recordings
  • High-speed volumetric imaging of calcium indicators
  • Image fusion and data handling
  • Limitations of SiMView microscopy
  • Upcoming advances in light sheet microscopy


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Upcoming Speakers

Dec. 7: Elizabeth Gardiner (ANU)


"New ways to assess platelet function: Imaging thrombus formation in molecular detail"

  • Proteins on the surface of blood platelets coordinate the key initiating steps in thrombus (blood clot) formation.
  • Thrombotic events are central to the initiation and prolongation of cardiovascular disease and none of the current anti-thrombotic therapies target existing blood clots.


Jan. 18, 2022: Boaz Mohar (Janelia)

Boza's feature picture.PNG

​"Dendritic clustering of calcium signals in behaving animals"

  • How does single neuron selectivity arise with mixed inputs?
  • Calcium in spines represent both input and output signals.
  • What is a measure that is robust to the computational separation of input and output in calcium signals?
  • Implications to dendritic clustering and other Calcium signals


Feb. 15, 2022: Paul Timpson (Garvan)


"Insights into tumour biology and drug targeting using Intravital FLIM-FRET biosensor imaging"

  • Using intravital imaging we reveal how live FLIM-FRET imaging through abdominal window can be used to assess drug targeting in live tumours deep within the abdominal cavity
  • Co-assessment of stromal targeting to fine-tuned drug response and delivery to improve chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
  • Applications of FRET biosensors mice for assessing the hallmarks of cancer


March 15, 2022: Tian-Ming Fu (Janelia)

TianMing feature picture-lattice light sheet microscopy.png

"Introduction to lattice light sheet microscopy"

  • Advantages of light sheet over wide field and confocal
  • Comparison between Gaussian, Bessel and lattice light sheet
  • Lattice theory
  • Lattice light sheet microscope optical diagram
  • Lattice light sheet instrumentation, data acquisition and processing
  • Examples taken by lattice light sheet microscopy
  • Limitations of lattice light sheet microscopy and solutions, future directions

April 19, 2022: Kelly Rogers (WEHI)


"Live cell, 4-dimensional microscopy of the blood stage of malaria"

  • Basic concepts of how to successfully set up live cell microscopy will be discussed.
  • The application of lattice light sheet microscopy (LLSM) to live cell imaging of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum.
  • The use of 3D SIM to complement the high resolution, diffraction-limited data obtained by LLSM.
  • Approaches used for the quantitative analysis of 4-dimensional data.
  • Future perspectives provided on the use of advanced microscopy in infectious disease research.

May 17, 2022: Arseny Finkelstein (Janelia)

Arseny feature picture.jpg

"Optogenetic mapping of neuronal interactions"

Bullets points:

  • Introduction about neuronal connectivity
  • The difficulty in measuring connectivity between neurons in vivo
  • Optogenetic mapping of neuronal connectivity in vivo using targeted photostimulation
  • What does this approach reveal about the functional organization of the motor cortex during behavior

Reference: Attractor dynamics gate cortical information flow during decision-making

Jun 21, 2022: Michael Taylor (UQ)


"​Brillouin microscopy for biomechanical imaging"

  • Overview applications of Brillouin microscopy
  • Different types of Brillouin microscope: Spontaneous with VIPA, Fabry-Perot, or heterodyne; nonlinear with IBIS or SBS
  • Choice of wavelength
  • Mechanical properties relation to Brillouin spectra
  • Limitations of Brillouin microscopy


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