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OIG-ABG Educational Lectures


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Janelia’s Optical Interest Group teams up with John Curtin School of Medical Research (ANU) for a monthly optical educational series, aiming to provide a unique opportunity to learn cutting-edge optical microscope technology and translational biology and medical applications. This series divides into Optics & technology, Optics & Biology, and Optics & Disease. Each Lecture contains the presentation and dedicated Q&A session. Open to all Janelians and Australia Biomedical Groups (ANU, University of Adelaide, UQ, UWA, UNSW, Monash, and Garvan) and beyond.

The recorded presentation will open to the public afterward.  

July 27 | 6:00-7:00 p.m.

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Previous Talks

"Optical Coherence Elastography: Principles and System Implementation"

Delivered by Brendan Kennedy (UWA)

  • Overview and principles of optical coherence elastography (OCE)
  • System implementation and design considerations
  • Design of OCE imaging probes
  • Clinical and biological applications of OCE
  • Future directions: technology and applications


"Live Imaging with Simultaneous Multi-View (SiMView) Light-sheet Microscopy"

Delivered by Bill Lemon (Janelia)

  • Choosing a microscope for live imaging
  • Advantages of SiMView Light-sheet microscopy (Fast, Low photo-toxicity, Complete coverage, High SNR)
  • Optimizing image quality in long time-lapse recordings
  • High-speed volumetric imaging of calcium indicators
  • Image fusion and data handling
  • Limitations of SiMView microscopy
  • Upcoming advances in light sheet microscopy


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Upcoming Speakers

Aug. 17: Tri Phan (Garvan)


"Intravital Imaging of Osteoclast"

  • Intravital imaging as way to discover new biology
  • Developed method to image osteoclast dynamics in long bone
  • Discovered osteoclast recycling as new cell fate
  • Cross-validated with flow cytometry and single cell RNA sequencing
  • Biological significance confirmed by role of osteomorph genes in bone formation, structure and function


  • McDonald et al. Osteoclasts recycle via osteomorphs during RANKL-stimulated bone resorption. Cell. in press.

Sept. 21: Kaspar Podgorski (Janelia)


"Workshop on Computational Microscopy Image Reconstruction"

  • Computational imaging and the specific challenges imposed by fluorescence microscopy
  • An introduction to Scanned Line Angular Projection (SLAP) microscopy
  • Richardson-Lucy image reconstruction with and without sample priors


Oct. 19: Robert McLaughlin (Adelaide)


"Miniaturized imaging probes: Bringing optics deep inside the body"

  • We describe miniaturized fiber-optic probes for optical coherence tomography imaging deep within the body.
  • Demonstrate the use of imaging needles in brain surgery.
  • Demonstrate 3D printed intravascular probes to image atherosclerotic plaques in heart disease.


Nov. 16: Ulrike Boehm (Janelia)

Ulrike's feature picture iPALM.jpeg

"Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM): principles and recent advancements"

  • Basic principles and history of SMLM
  • How to build a 2D SMLM
  • How to build a 3D SMLM (emphasis on iPALM)
  • How to analyze and quantify SMLM data
  • What’s next?


Dec. 7: Elizabeth Gardiner (ANU)


"New ways to assess platelet function: Imaging thrombus formation in molecular detail"

  • Proteins on the surface of blood platelets coordinate the key initiating steps in thrombus (blood clot) formation.
  • Thrombotic events are central to the initiation and prolongation of cardiovascular disease and none of the current anti-thrombotic therapies target existing blood clots.


Jan. 18, 2022: Boaz Mohar (Janelia)

Boza's feature picture.PNG

​"Dendritic clustering of calcium signals in behaving animals"

  • How does single neuron selectivity arise with mixed inputs?
  • Calcium in spines represent both input and output signals.
  • What is a measure that is robust to the computational separation of input and output in calcium signals?
  • Implications to dendritic clustering and other Calcium signals


Feb. 15, 2022: Paul Timpson (Garvan)


"Insights into tumour biology and drug targeting using Intravital FLIM-FRET biosensor imaging"

  • Using intravital imaging we reveal how live FLIM-FRET imaging through abdominal window can be used to assess drug targeting in live tumours deep within the abdominal cavity
  • Co-assessment of stromal targeting to fine-tuned drug response and delivery to improve chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
  • Applications of FRET biosensors mice for assessing the hallmarks of cancer


March 15, 2022: Tian-Ming Fu (Janelia)

TianMing feature picture-lattice light sheet microscopy.png

"Introduction to lattice light sheet microscopy"

  • Advantages of light sheet over wide field and confocal
  • Comparison between Gaussian, Bessel and lattice light sheet
  • Lattice theory
  • Lattice light sheet microscope optical diagram
  • Lattice light sheet instrumentation, data acquisition and processing
  • Examples taken by lattice light sheet microscopy
  • Limitations of lattice light sheet microscopy and solutions, future directions

April 19, 2022: Kelly Rogers (WEHI)


"Live cell, 4-dimensional microscopy of the blood stage of malaria"

  • Basic concepts of how to successfully set up live cell microscopy will be discussed.
  • The application of lattice light sheet microscopy (LLSM) to live cell imaging of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum.
  • The use of 3D SIM to complement the high resolution, diffraction-limited data obtained by LLSM.
  • Approaches used for the quantitative analysis of 4-dimensional data.
  • Future perspectives provided on the use of advanced microscopy in infectious disease research.

May 17, 2022: Arseny Finkelstein (Janelia)

Arseny feature picture.jpg

"Optogenetic mapping of neuronal interactions"

Bullets points:

  • Introduction about neuronal connectivity
  • The difficulty in measuring connectivity between neurons in vivo
  • Optogenetic mapping of neuronal connectivity in vivo using targeted photostimulation
  • What does this approach reveal about the functional organization of the motor cortex during behavior

Reference: Attractor dynamics gate cortical information flow during decision-making

Jun 21, 2022: Michael Taylor (UQ)


"​Brillouin microscopy for biomechanical imaging"

  • Overview applications of Brillouin microscopy
  • Different types of Brillouin microscope: Spontaneous with VIPA, Fabry-Perot, or heterodyne; nonlinear with IBIS or SBS
  • Choice of wavelength
  • Mechanical properties relation to Brillouin spectra
  • Limitations of Brillouin microscopy


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