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Open Science / Philosophy
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We believe that the more collaborative and open we can be, the greater will be our ability to move science forward.

So when researchers here create innovations like specialized microscopes, software, or better reagents, we work to make these new tools accessible to other scientists, as widely and cost-effectively as possible. We team up with nonprofits that are just as passionate about scientific discovery as we are, and we work with commercial partners that can build on our ideas to produce new products.

We also open our doors in a number of other ways, from our long-standing conference program to our brand-new Advanced Imaging Center. Our goal is to make Janelia a resource for the entire scientific community, in as many ways as possible.

Open Science Resources

Much of the data and know-how resulting from research at Janelia is best shared through publication in scholarly journals, discussion at scientific conferences, and the general interchange of information within the scientific community.  

Open-source platforms: We use open-source platforms to share resources from our research, whether it’s a model organism, a plasmid, a chemical compound, or novel software. Those platforms include:

(As of January 1, 2017 8,853 Janelia lines have been deposited and 101,467 Janelia lines have been sent out.)

(As of January 1, 2017, Janelia has deposited 158 materials and 8,910 samples have been sent out on our behalf.)

(As of January 1, 2017, Janelia has deposited 8 lines that have been distributed 1,162 times.

(As of January 1, 2017, Janelia has posted 35 research tools that have been ordered 320 times.)

Commercial platforms: Commercial organizations have the capacity to scale up and broadly distribute new innovations, such as a new biosensor or imaging technology. We develop relationships and collaborate with the business world to facilitate this model. Our goal is not to generate revenue, but rather to maximize the impact of tools developed here by making them affordable to scientists everywhere.

The Advanced Imaging Center: Our scientists have developed transformative super-resolution microscopy techniques and related imaging advances that allow researchers to visualize activity inside neurons and other types of cells with a precision never before possible. To open up these possibilities to scientists worldwide, we built the Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia, which invites selected researchers to use these cutting-edge imaging technologies before they are commercially available. Visiting scientists stay at Janelia and use these tools at no cost, thanks to generous support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.