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    Head Plate for Mouse Imaging
    Researchers at Janelia have designed an improved head plate for live imaging of a mouse using a downward-facing objective. It is specially designed to work with the 2P-RAM (2-photon random access...
    Mouse Headplates and Holder for Imaging and Electrophysiology
    These head plates have been used extensively in the Svoboda lab for in vivo imaging of the barrel cortex and other cortical areas (e.g., Huber et al., 2012).  With this drawing,...
    PMT Amplifier
    This PMT Amplifier is used as a current-to-voltage converter (transimpedance amplifier) for laser scanning microscopy. Depending on the FET OpAMP used, the bandwidth is up to ~100 Mhz, ideal...
    Vibratome built for the Auto Slicer Imager Rig (MouseLight 2)
    About the Innovation Visualization of the axonal structures of individual neurons is critical to understand how neural signals are organized and communicated in the brain. Janelia...
    Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 Sample Holder
    Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) is a powerful tool for volumetric imaging of cleared specimens. The Zeiss Lightsheet microscope Z.1 offers a commercial solution for SPIM imaging....