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    Adaptive Optics via Pupil Image Segmentation
    Microscope Adaptive Optics by rear pupil masking, adaptive optics for high-resolution imaging in biological tissue. This technology advances light microscopy's resolution and depth limit...
    Immersion Reflection Microscope Objective
    The standard reflection objective is designed to work in air with reasonably high resolution. It is a lightweight, simple structure (only one or two mirrors are needed) with little chromatic...
    Lattice Light Deconvolution Software - cudaDeconv
    Software Description This open-source executable code is for post-acquisition deconvolution of data produced by the lattice light-sheet microscope developed by Eric Betzig's group at HHMI'...
    Lattice Light Microscopy
    The Lattice Light involves using a Bessel beam to illuminate a sample with light sheets that are sufficiently thin to achieve isotropic 3D resolution high-speed 3D fluorescent imaging. As a result...
    Pulse Splitter
    A pulse splitter that reduces photobleaching and photodamage in two-photon fluorescence excitation (TPE) microscopy. Pulsed lasers are important tools for nonlinear...
    Rapid Adaptive Optics for Large Volumes via Nonlinear Guidestar
    Many adaptive optics techniques have been used in microscopy to overcome optical heterogeneities in a biological sample. However, none have effectively solved the problem for diffraction-limited...
    TIRF-SIM (Total internal reflection fluorescence structured illumination microscopy)
    Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) is a method that can double the spatial resolution of wide-field fluorescence microscopy in three dimensions by using spatially structured illumination...