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An application for acquiring neurophysiology data

WaveSurfer is an application for acquiring neurophysiology data. It runs within Matlab.

Key Features:
  • Acquisition can be either trial-based or continuous
  • Acquisition and stimulation can be triggered by external TTL inputs
  • Flexible stimulus generation: pulses, trains, sinusoids, etc
  • Works with any model of patch-clamp amplifier
  • Tight integration with Heka and Axon patch-clamp amplifiers
  • Works with National Instruments X-series DAQ boards
  • Flexible and fast multi-electrode test pulse generation
  • User can extend with custom Matlab scripts for online analysis, visualization
  • Custom Matlab code can be run at start/end of trials, or periodically during acquisiton
  • Saves data in HDF5 format, an open standard for scientific data
  • Can integrate with Vidrio Technologies ScanImage for laser-scanning microscopy

More Information:

Get the latest information about WaveSurfer at

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Adam Taylor
Senior Software Engineer
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