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Whisk - Whisker Tracking

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Whisk - Whisker Tracking

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Software for Automated Segmentation and Tracking of Mouse Whiskers from High-speed Video

Whisk is a cross-platform package for fully automated tracking of single rows of whiskers in the high-speed video. It consists of a set of command-line utilities and a graphical interface for semi-automated tracking. Python and Matlab interfaces are also provided. Whisk can read StreamPix SEQ and TIFF as well as any video format that FFMPEG can decode.


If this software is useful to you, we'd appreciate it if you cited our paper.

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Screenshot of looking at the result after Step 4. Identified whiskers are labelled red, green, and blue. Light yellow indicates a "non-whisker" trace. The green ball identifies the follicle of the selected whisker.
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Michael Perham
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