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Eligibility & Application

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Research Area Competition / Eligibility & Application

HHMI is hosting an open, international competition to decide Janelia’s next research area. We are looking for a big idea that addresses a major unsolved problem in the life sciences, and a scientist to lead it.
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Eligibility & Application
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What are we looking for in a research area?

  • Benefits from iterative feedback between “tool-builders” – scientists who develop new technologies, instrumentation, and computational methods – and “tool-users” – scientists who apply those tools to solve biological problems.

  • Synergizes with one or more of the other current Janelia research efforts: Molecular Tools and Imaging, Computation and Theory, or Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience.

  • Prospers in an environment of small individual research groups, a defining feature of the philosophy and research culture at Janelia.

  • Provides a supportive environment for group leaders to develop their independent careers, with senior group leaders providing scientific advice and career guidance.

  • Develops and matures to provide opportunities for group leaders to move into more traditional settings of academia and biotechnology at the end of their tenure at Janelia.​

What are the eligibility criteria for the applicant/research area head?

  • PhD and/or MD (or equivalent)
  • Group leader from a major research institution (academic, private, or industry)
  • Willingness to become a full-time employee of HHMI at the Janelia Research Campus

What do you need to apply?

  • Components of pre-proposal application

    • vision statement
    • statement of intended research outputs and impacts
    • approach to leadership, mentoring, and collaboration
    • CV, bibliography, and five research articles
  • Components of full proposal

    • project timeline
    • required personnel, equipment and/or facilities
    • staffing strategy
    • how the new research area will synergize with existing research and shared infrastructure at Janelia

Applicants apply directly; there is no nomination process.

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