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Ifedayo-Emmanuel Adeyefa-Olasupo

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I am a neurophysicist and my principal aim is to uncover the fundamental laws that govern the brain. During my doctoral work, I developed a novel computational framework called "retinotopic mechanics." Using this framework, I posit that retinotopic cells behave like spring-loaded sensors within a neuronal force field. I further posit that around the time an organism is set to move or act in the world, the signaling dynamics these cells adhere to obey an inverse-distance law, akin to Newton's law of universal gravitation.

My current research focuses on resolving one of the more fundamental questions in neuroscience: when and what do mice see? Answering this question could unravel the neural laws that underlie what I refer to as the "surveillance system of the brain." It is plausible that in normal brains this surveillance system is transiently active at very specific points in time. However, in maladaptive brains, for example schizophrenic brains, this internally generated surveillance is incessantly on when it should be turned off, giving rise to erroneous visual perceptions, thoughts, and actions.

I am committed to encouraging young scientists in underdeveloped countries, paying forward the close mentorship I received from Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III (mathematician and former President of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where I did my undergraduate degree).