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Jason Osborne

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"…a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests"

In more than eight years at Janelia Research Campus, Jason Osborne has always taken on any challenge that comes his way.  As an innovator with the Instrument Design & Fabrication group, his primary focus is a scientific project strategist and development of cutting edge steriotactic lab equipment,  electrophysiology instrumentation for in vivo and in vitro, optogenetics applications and behavior assay systems for neural research. Twenty-one years of experience in the medical, aerospace, and connector manufacturing industries have uniquely positioned Jason to create advanced neuroscience tooling unavailable in industry but custom made for Janelia researchers and visiting scientists alike. Collaboration with Janelia researchers has resulted in multiple licensing opportunities, trademarks, co-authorships and distribution of the new technologies to the broader science community.

Jason initiated, and led, a team building project, the Kinetic Sculpture race team at Janelia. Members of the team range from 20-60 years of age and include representative samples of every discipline present on the Janelia Campus. The race was held in Baltimore MD, May 2011.

In addition to his day job Jason is also co-founder and President of Paleo Quest, a 501(c)3 non-profit citizen science organization designed to advance the sciences of paleontology and geology through material contributions to museum collections, field exploration, scientific publication and the advancement of science education. Jason, co-developed SharkFinder, a citizen science and STEM education program aimed at finding fossil elasmobranch (shark,skate and ray) remains that bring real, tangible science to classrooms and citizen scientists alike. He also promotes STEM education as a STEM mentor, host researcher and research lead for the JASON Learning/ National Geographic / Sea Research Foundation. 

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The White House Champion of Change
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Society of Vertebrate Paleontology