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Roger Rogers

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Roger was introduced to manufacturing through his father’s plastics company as a teenager. He has enjoyed diverse work experience over 25 years and has been able to accumulate a variety of skill sets. Early in adult life he spent four years in the Midwestern United States enlisted with US Air Force as a maintenance specialist. Afterwards he moved to Maryland to pursue a career in Plastics manufacturing and prototyping. Later he moved to Colorado and work in a machine shop environment as a mechanical technician and as supervisor in manufacturing setting. Then returning again to the Eastern United States he also returned to an engineering and prototyping career for several years.

Afterwards he worked in the museum exhibits and woodworking industries for several more years. I this industry he has worked to protect manned space flight artifacts such as the Apollo 11 Reentry Vehicle, the Mercury’s-Redstone 2 capsule, the Gemini-7, and the Apollo-Soyuz Command Module.

Looking for a new business home, he found a technical position with an engineering firm in Virginia where he further advanced his understanding of mechanical engineering. Now at Janelia Research Campus, he is able to use his varied skills and training to assist the scientific work that is in progress.

Roger works on design projects, performs machining and technical assembly and operates ID&F's Rapid Prototyping 3D printer and Laser cutter.

Roger engages in several hobbies to include, woodworking, cycling, mechanical design, and energy research.