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Ruchi Parekh

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Ruchi’s interest in Neurobiology has guided her career from hands-on lab work to leveraging ever higher resolution imaging and information technologies and team science to help uncover foundational aspects of neuroanatomy and function. Ruchi received her PhD in Neuroscience from Steven Schiff’s lab at the Pennsylvania State University studying interactions between inhibitory and excitatory neurons in the rat hippocampus during in vitro seizure activity. As a postdoc in Giorgio Ascoli’s lab at George Mason University she was the project manager of She managed and scaled up an online database of neuronal reconstructions acquired from light microscopy data by scientists around the world. Ruchi joined Janelia to start the Connectome Annotation Team (CAT). As the CAT manager Ruchi leads a team of tracers and proofreaders collaborating with multiple Janelia scientists and project teams as they navigate the electron microscopy volumes of the fruit fly brain.