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Stephen Plaza

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Stephen Plaza graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BSE in computer engineering in 2003 and received his PhD in 2008 in computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan.  His primary area of focus was transistor and wiring optimization in computer chips.  After completing his degrees at Michigan, he spent over a year working at Synopsys Inc in its Advanced Technology Group and Implementation Group devising and implementing algorithms used to design computer circuitry. In 2010, Stephen decided to combine his experience in computer programming, electrical circuits, logic simulation, and parallel computation and algorithms at Janelia by working under Lou Scheffer and for the FlyEM project.  His primary area of research is introducing and deploying strategies that enable high-throughput verification and correction of the neurological connectome in an EM dataset using both automatic image segmentation and semi-automatic procedures.  In early 2012, Stephen became the project manager for FlyEM.  His main goals are to scale-up and make connectomics affordable, explicitly define and monitor all project requirements, and encourage greater synergy between the large, inter-disciplinary team that composes FlyEM.  To aid in these goals, Stephen has completed certificates at Georgetown for Project Management and Budget and Finance.  Steve continues to conduct new research in addition to managing and acts as a technical lead for several software developers and researchers.

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