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Janelia Collaborators:

The JF TIC team shares its expertise and setups with interested groups at Janelia. Many of the team's collaborations are aimed at addressing how transcription regulation helps shape the structure and activity of the brain.

Zhengjian Zhang (Tjian Lab): Single Molecule Biochemistry of Transcription Regulation.

Zhe Liu (Janelia): Links between Genome Organization and Gene Activity in Living Cells.

Jan Wisniewsky (Wu lab): Superresolution Techniques to Image Chromatin Architecture.

Gaku Mizuguchi (Wu lab): Dynamics of chromatin during Replication

Brian English (Singer Lab): Muliplex Single Molecule Imaging

Albert Tsai (Singer Lab): Imaging Single mRNA Dynamics in Living Cells

Luke Lavis: Novel Organic Dyes for Live-Cell Single-Molecule Tracking.

G. Lee Henry and Fred Davis (Eddy lab/Rivas lab/NeuroSeq): Mechanisms underlying Neural Fates.

David Stern: Mechanism of Enhancer Regulation.

Tzumin Lee and Jim Truman: Chromatin Dynamics in Drosophila neurons.

Na Ji:  Imaging Transcription in Neurons of the Living Mouse Brain.

Nelson Spruston: Imaging Immediate Early Transcription in the Mouse Brain.

Krystyna Keleman: Imaging mRNA Transcription in Living Fly Brain Neurons.


Other Collaborators:

Spencer Knight (Tjian Lab/Doudna Lab, UC Berkeley): Mobility and Specificity of DNA Binding Proteins.

Frank Xie (Tjian Lab, UC Berkeley): Mechanisms of Enhancer Regulation in ES cells.

Stephan Preibisch (Singer Lab, Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Andrey Revyakin (University of Leicester): Single Molecule Biochemistry of Transcription Regulation

Timothy Stasevich (Colorado State University): Multiplex Imaging of Transcription Regulation in Live Cells.

Ibrahim Cisse (MIT): Multiplex Imaging of Transcription Regulation in Live Cells

Bassam Hajj, visitor (Dahan lab, Institut Curie): Multifocal Microscopy Development

Sara Abrahamsson (Bargmann lab, Rockefeller): Multifocal Microscopy Development

Alex Liddle (NIST): Multifocal Microscopy Development