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Research Plan

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Research Plan
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  • Densely reconstruct multiple alpha lobe compartments in the mushroom body.  The detailed interactions between compartments in the mushroom body and between Kenyon cells are unknown.  We will reconstruct and analyze this connectome in collaboration with the Rubin lab.
  • Densely reconstruct multiple glomeruli in the AL.  We will study the wiring of a glomerulus in the antennal lobe and try to understand some of the interactions between glomeruli.
  • Sparsely trace neurons in the lobula/lobula plate/medulla neuropile.  We will develop a more complete picture of the motion detector by examining the circuits for both ON and OFF pathways.  We will examine the inputs to lobula columnar neurons that enervate deeper brain regions.
  • Sparsely trace pathways in the central complex as part of a whole-fly-brain reconstruction.