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Annotation & Analytics

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Support Teams / Annotation & Analytics
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Who We Are

Formerly known as the Connectome Annotation Team (CAT), Annotation & Analytics (A&A) was launched as a new shared resource at Janelia in September 2021. We envision this resource as a core group of highly trained professionals who aim to contribute to any Janelia research with computer-aided data annotation and analytics needs.

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What We Do:

We continue our ongoing efforts in the Drosophila electron microscopy (EM) datasets towards connectomes, and annotating cellular organelles in different tissues and organs. With our expanded range in A&A, we aim to work with additional data types acquired using light microscopy (LM), video, audio and other modalities.

We perform annotation using software tools and applications developed in-house, or available commercially or as open-source. We have expertise in CATMAID for tracing neurons and marking synapses (FlyTEM project), NeuTu, Neu3, and Neuroglancer for annotating neuron morphologies and connectomes (FlyEM project), and with this we advise Janelia lab heads on annotation strategies to meet specific project goals. We also use image-processing software such as Amira and Paintera (COSEM and CellMap projects), FIJI, Napari and others towards new biological goals. We continue to develop our capabilities in new technologies as they are developed or as driven by biology. Using data science, visualization and other analysis approaches, we aim to assist Janelians in converting data to specific knowledge.

As a shared resource, our mission is to facilitate science for Janelia scientists, projects and teams, and we aim to make our expertise available to Janelia collaborators in the future.

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