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Connectome Annotation

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Support Teams / Connectome Annotation
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Who We Are

The Connectome Annotation Team (CAT) is a shared resource team at Janelia. CAT assists lab heads in tracing neurons of their interest within the massive electron microscopy (EM) datasets acquired in the FlyTEM and FlyEM projects. CAT members have the expertise to navigate EM data and they apply that knowledge to assist Janelians in meeting their connectomic goals in the Drosophila brain.

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What We Do:

We find, trace, annotate, identify and classify neurons as well as identify and mark synapses in the brain volumes. We utilize existing light microscopy data to guide our tracing in the EM volumes. We have expertise in CATMAID and NeuTu software that are used with TEM and FIBSEM volumes respectively. In addition to tracing neurons, we also advise Lab Heads on tracing strategies to meet specific project goals. We provide feedback to scientists on ultrastructural, morphological and connectivity details that can inform subsequent experiments such as functional imaging, electrophysiology, quantitative behavioral assays, precise genetic manipulation of identified cell types and computational modeling in their laboratories. CAT is an integral part of Janelia’s EM team, whose ultimate goal is to build a map of all the connections in the fly brain and establish the fly ‘connectome’.

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