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COVID-19 Guidelines

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COVID-19 Guidelines
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  • Users must wear provided face masks at all times. Users must put on fresh gloves when entering the facility and discard them when leaving. Glove boxes, safety glasses, and other supplies will be available at the entrance.
  • ONE user max per room/curtained area. No more than ONE user per microscope. Please communicate with each other and modify your reservation times accordingly for your individual needs.
  • Do NOT schedule equipment immediately after another user; please allow for a 30-minute gap between sessions. If you are running late, notify the next user so that they aren’t waiting in the facility.
  • If central benchwork is required, reserve it in advance (via the Resource Scheduler) to ensure social distancing rules are followed. At most ONE person can use the bench at a given time. Benches should be kept clean. Personal equipment and samples should be removed or stored in appropriately labeled boxes.
  • At the start of your session, we recommend disinfecting common equipment (including cling-wrapped surfaces) with 70% EtOH. Do NOT spray directly on the equipment but rather on cleaning wipes/paper. Surfaces should be wiped 2-3 times.
  • Periodically spray your gloves with EtOH to minimize cross-contamination.
  • Wear safety glasses (or prescription eyeglasses) if you need to use the microscope eyepieces. Please bring your own or get them at the entrance. Keep them afterwards.
  • Observe normal instrument shut-down procedures and properly disinfect common equipment again.
  • Avoid overnight acquisitions unless necessary.
  • All trainings are postponed until further notice.
  • Make all efforts to communicate with staff electronically; we will quickly respond via email and/or Zoom. If it is necessary to address staff in person, please coordinate beforehand.
  • Make all efforts to perform file transfers and image analysis remotely. The four main processing workstations (host names: LM-WW1, LM-WW2, LM-WW3, LM-WW4) can be accessed via Remote Desktop Connection. They have 10GbE connections and the same user profiles (user: imaging, pw: .Janelia).