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Junior Scientist Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision

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Junior Scientist Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision

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October 29 - November 7, 2020
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Although registration for this workshop is ongoing, we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation and will keep all applicants informed of any changes to the status of the workshop or the application period.

Organized by Jan Funke, Kristin Branson, Stephan Saalfeld and Srini Turagathis workshop is is intended as a "by the students, for the students" meeting. Aside from the organizers, participants will include only students and postdocs, with diverse expertise and backgrounds.

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Over the course of the week, attendees will teach each other new techniques, discuss fundamental principles, and learn about the exciting computational challenges in neuroscience, imaging, and behavior. They will present their work and run tutorials and coding sessions on the techniques they use. 

The workshop will be interactive, intense, and interdisciplinary. We see it as a unique learning opportunity for everyone involved and intend for it to be an enjoyable experience.

We encourage applicants from across the realm of computer vision, machine learning and computational neuroscience, including the areas of image analysis, reinforcement learning, deep learning, and statistics and probabilistic modeling. 

In order to maintain a small group atmosphere, allowing for extensive interactions and presentations by everyone, space in the workshop is limited. Participants are expected to stay for the duration.

Janelia covers the cost of accommodation, meals and reasonable travel expenses for accepted participants. We especially encourage applications from women and those who identify with groups that are traditionally underrepresented in science.

Application Instructions

To be considered, applicants must APPLY online and provide:

  1. Research Abstract
  2. Answers to two Scientific Thought Questions
  3. Current CV
  4. Recommendation Letter

Application Deadline: June 24, 2020 (11:59 p.m. EST)