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Active Projects
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Visitors: Craig Blackstone (NIH-National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke), Jonathon Nixon-Abell (Janelia), and Federica Riccio (ORISE)
Janelia Host: Jennifer Lippinott-Schwartz
Project Title: Understanding endoplasmic reticulum shape and function in neuronal health and disease

To address how changes in ER shape impact neuronal cell function, cutting-edge imaging technologies will be employed to study ER in neurons from normal individuals and diseased patients with mutations in ER-shaping proteins (e.g., atlastins, reticulons and spastins)

Visitors: Tiago Branco (University College London) and A. Vanessa Stempel (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)
Janelia Host: Scott Sternson
Project Title: Master regulators of ion channel gene expression

To identify TFs that are deferentially expressed between fed and fasted state and that control the ion channel patterns unique to the fed and fasted states

Visitors: Ansgar Bueschges (University of Cologne) and Ryo Minegishi (Janelia)
Janelia Host: Barry Dickson
Project Title: Generation of cell-type-specific GAL4 driver lines for neurons of the Drosophila adult leg neuropil
Objective: To obtain intersectional driver lines specific for >90% of the cell types in the Drosophila leg neuropil

Visitors: Jianhua Cang (Princeton University) and Katharine Borges (Janelia)
Janelia Host: Na Ji
Project Title: Imaging developmental plasticity in the mouse visual cortex
Objective: To study how neurons, across different layers of visual cortex, change their response properties during ocular dominance plasticity and binocular matching

Visitors: Maria Eugenia Chiappe and Mert Erginkaya (both of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown)
Janelia Hosts: Michael Reiser and Davi Bock
Project Title: (Whole Fly Brain Tracing Effort) The Lobula Plate Tangential cells: elucidating the feed-forward and feedback circuitry
Objective: To contribute to the effort to reconstruct the fly brain by focusing on the connections of HS cells with other neurons both within the lobula plate and outside of it (for example, at the inferior posterior slope)

Visitors: Itai Cohen (Cornell University), Michael Dickinson (California Institute of Technology),  and Erica Ehrhardt (Janelia)
Janelia Hosts: Gwyneth Card, Wyatt Korff, and David Stern
Project Title: Generation of cell-type specific GAL4 driver lines for neurons in the Drosophila adult flight and haltere neuropil of the ventral nerve cord
Objective: To prepare and screen GAL4 driver lines that target individual cell-types of the Drosophila wing and haltere neuropil

Visitors: Andrew Dacks and Kaylynn Coates (both of West Virginia University)
Janelia Host: Davi Bock
Project Title: (Whole Fly Brain Tracing Effort) Mapping the synaptic input to the olfactory serotonergic system of Drosophila
Objective: To comprehensively characterize the input to an identified, widely projecting modulatory neuron in the brain of Drosophila

Visitors: David DiGregorio and Kiri Couchman (both of Institut Pasteur)
Janelia Host: Adam Hantman
Project Title: Synaptic basis of sensory-motor control within cerebellar cortical circuits
Objective: To simultaneously measure GC firing and synaptic activity, allowing us to show, for the first time, how multimodal information can be encoded

Visitor: Steve Edgley (University of Cambridge)
Janelia Host: Adam Hantman
Project Title: Cerebro-cerebellar processing in the basal pons
Objective: To determine the organization and function of the basal pons using combination of genetic/optogenetic/viral targeting tools recently developed in the Hantman lab, behavioural tasks (Hantman lab) and electrophysiological analysis (Edgley lab)

Visitors: Gidon Felsen and Elizabeth Ann Stubblefield (both of University of Colorado School of Medicine)
Janelia Host: Joshua Dudman
Project Title: Control of midbrain motor output by the basal ganglia
Objective: To understand how the selection and initiation of orienting movements are related (or not related) to patterns of activity in the substantia nigra pars reticulata and superior colliculus

Visitor: Hiro Furukawa (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Janelia Host: Nikolaus Grigorieff
Project Title: Structural analysis of neuroreceptor ion channels by cryo-EM
Objective: To analyze the protein structure of the NMDA receptor ion channel representing the open state by single particle electron cryo-microscopy

Visitors: Fred Hamprecht, Anna Kreshuk (both of University of Heidelberg), and Stuart Berg (Janelia)
Janelia Hosts: Davi Bock, Albert Cardona, and FlyEM Team Project
Project Title: Developing Ilastik to support pioneering applications in the Neurosciences
Objective: To develop new algorithms for large-scale EM image analysis and to bring them to the end-users at Janelia

Visitor: David Hansel (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
Janelia Host: Shaul Druckmann
Project Title: Slow dynamics and non-coding manifolds in preparatory activity in cortex
Objective: To develop and enrich the concept of dynamics on non-coding directions

Visitor: Keren Haroush (Harvard Medical School/ MGH)
Janelia Hosts: Shaul Druckmann and Karel Svoboda
Project Title: Novel decoding approaches for simultaneous population recordings during complex interactions
Objective: To use animal models of social interaction, principles of game theory, multiple simultaneous population electrophysiological recordings across distributed networks and advanced modeling techniques to systematically study and characterize the unique neuronal underpinnings of complex social behavior

Visitor: Martina Held (Julius Maximilian University of Wuerzburg)
Janelia Hosts: Vivek Jayaraman, Luke Lavis, and Michael Reiser
Project Title: Calcium imaging in the sky compass pathway of behaving honeybees
Objective: To perform targeted calcium imaging in the honeybee central complex

Visitor: Stephen Hinshaw (Harvard Medical School)
Janelia Host: Nikolaus Grigorieff
Project Title: Structural investigation of kinetochore assembly by cryo-EM

To visualize the foundation of the eukaryotic chromosome segregation apparatus

Visitor: Niklas Hoffmann (Johns Hopkins University)
Janelia Host: Nikolaus Grigorieff
Project Title: Molecular structure and chromatin interactions of the SAGA complex

To obtain a detailed molecular mechanism of SAGA's sequential mode of gene activation, thereby addressing for the first time how SAGA's multiple chromatin interactions orchestrate transcription of mRNAs

Visitors: Kei Ito, Yens Goldammer, and Masayoshi Ito (all of University of Tokyo)
Janelia Host: Gerry Rubin
Project Title: Mapping and analyzing neurons in the terra incognita regions of the Drosophila brain
Objective: To analyze neurons located in unexplored areas of the Drosophila brain

Visitors: Gregory Jefferis (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)
Janelia Host: Gerry Rubin
Project Title: Mapping the lateral horn of Drosophila
Objective: To provide major insights into the structure and function of the lateral horn and its role in innate and learned behaviour


Azusa Kamikouchi and Hyunsoo Kim (both of Nagoya University)

Janelia Host: Davi Bock
Project Title: (Whole Fly Brain Tracing Effort) The connectome of the auditory neural circuits in the fly brain
Objective: To reconstruct the auditory neural circuit (at the primary and secondary neurons level) at the resolution of the electron microscopy (EM); serial thin sections of the fly brain will be analyzed to map all the synapses along the trajectory of primary and secondary auditory neurons

Visitors: Artur Kania, Farin Bourojeni, and Robert Roome (all of the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal)
Janelia Host: Adam Hantman
Project Title: Molecular profiling of spinofugal neurons
Objective: To identify molecular markers of SPN neurons, we propose an unbiased screen for genes expressed in adult SPN neurons, to be carried out by neuronal labeling via brain targets, single neuron isolation from the spinal cord, their RNA sequencing, followed by bioinformatic analysis based on unsupervised clustering methods

Visitor: Iljung Sam Kwak (University of California San Diego)
Janelia Host: Kristin Branson
Project Title: Human-in-the-loop behavior clustering
Objective: To develop software usable by researchers in many fields across biology for discovering behavior structure in large video data sets

Visitors: Nuo Li (Baylor College of Medicine), Liu (Dave) Liu (Baylor College of Medicine), and Xiao-Jing Wang (NYU) 
Janelia Hosts: Shaul Druckmann and Karel Svoboda
Project Title: Multi-regional analysis of neural dynamics underlying memory-guided behavior

To obtain a comprehensive description of behavior-related activity across the mouse brain

Visitor: Timothee Lionnet (NYU)
Janelia Host: Luke Lavis
Project Title: Fluorescent labels for low-background, high-resolution imaging of DNA and RNA in cells and tissue
Objective: To develop fluorescent labels for low-background, high-resolution imaging of DNA and RNA in cells and tissue

Visitors: Matthieu Louis and Ajinkya Deogade (both of University of California, Santa Barbara)
Janelia Host: Vivek Jayaraman
Project Title: Sensorimotor integration directing larval chemotaxis in idealized and semi-naturalistic sensory conditions
Objective: To clarify the neural basis of odor coding and orientation behavior in the fruit fly larva

Visitor: Aaron Milstein (Stanford School of Medicine)
Janelia Hosts: Sandro Romani and Nelson Spruston
Project Title: Modeling the acquisition and maintenance of spatial representations in hippocampal circuits
Objective: To solve some of the long-standing puzzles in hippocampal circuit function

Visitors: Mala Murthy and Christa Baker (both of Princeton University)
Janelia Host: David Stern
Project Title: Generation of cell-type specific GAL4 driver lines for neurons in the Drosophila adult AMMC and VLP
Objective: To create cell-type specific driver lines for most (>90%) of the AMMC and VLP cell types, and to integrate light-level anatomical data with structural connectivity data from electron microscopy, data from behavioral perturbation experiments, and data from functional connectivity experiments into a preliminary working model for AMMC and VLP function at cellular resolution

Visitors: Sacha Nelson (Brandeis University), Anton Schulmann (Janelia),  and Ken Sugino (Janelia)
Janelia Host: Adam Hantman
Project Title: Bioinformatic analyses of mammalian neuronal gene expression
Objective: To work on the regulation and biological significance of differential gene expression across mouse neuronal cell types

Visitor: Tomoko Ohyama (McGill University)
Janelia Hosts: Albert Cardona and Marta Zlatic
Project Title: Changes in circuit motif during evolution of a species specific behavior
Objective: To understand the relationship between the evolution of neural circuits and that of behavior by extending these analyses to related Drosophila species

Visitors: Periklis Pantazis (ETH-Zurich) and Lluc Rullan Sabater (ETH-Zurich)
Janelia Host: Eric Schreiter
Project Title: Enhancing primed conversion of photoconvertible fluorescent proteins and sensors for neurobiology applications
Objective: To improve the susceptibility of existing pcGECIs to primed conversion, ultimately offering a red-shifted alternative action spectrum for photoconversion of these molecules

Visitor: Kristin Scott (University of California Berkeley)
Janelia Hosts: Barry Dickson and Stephen Huston
Project Title: Generation of cell-type specific GAL4 driver lines for neurons in the Drosophila adult suboesophageal ganglion
Objective: To create cell-type specific driver lines for most (>90%) of the SOG cell types, and to integrate light-level anatomical data with structural connectivity data from electron microscopy, data from behavioral perturbation experiments, and data from functional connectivity experiments into a preliminary working model for SOG function at cellular resolution

Visitor: David Shepherd (Bangor University)
Janelia Hosts: Wyatt Korff and James Truman
Project Title: Development of Hemilineage Tools for Studying Neurons of the Adult Drosophila CNS.
Objective: To make highly specific driver lines to analyze the function of the interneuron clusters in the VNS 

Visitor: Shuji Shigenobu (National Institute for Basic Biology)
Janelia Host: David Stern
Project Title: Functional characterization of novel antimicrobial-like peptides for mutualistic associations
Objective: To reveal the biological roles of antimicrobial-like peptides

Visitor: Divya Sitaraman (University of San Diego)
Janelia Host: Gerry Rubin
Project Title: Neuronal circuits underlying sleep and arousal in Drosophila
Objective: To identify the neural circuits that are important for sleep and arousal in Drosophila

Visitor: Roland Heinz Strauss (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
Janelia Host: Gerry Rubin
Project Title: In-depth analysis of gap crossing and gait analysis using the novel sparse lines
Objective: To continue the established collaboration with the Rubin lab on the work related to gap crossing

Visitors: John Tuthill and Chenghao Chen (both of University of Washington)
Janelia Hosts: Gwyneth Card and Barry Dickson
Project Title: Genetic dissection of somatosensory neural circuits in the Drosophila ventral nerve cord
Objective: To build genetic driver lines that will provide access to the majority (>75%) of the second-order somatosensory neurons of the fly VNC

Visitor: Liangqi Xie (HHMI/University of California, Berkeley)
Janelia Host: Xie Liu
Project Title: Single molecule imaging of pluripotency enhanceosome dynamics and gene activity in single pluripotent cells
Objective: To extract quantitative relationships between gene expression kinetics, TF dynamics and genome organization in single live cells. Specifically, transcriptional bursting of Klf4, monitored by the MS2 system is likely a result of the dynamic assembly of pre-initiation complexes (PIC) regulated by sequence specific TFs at long-distance enhancer sites

Visitors: Liang Zhao (UC Berkeley) and Hao Zhou (University of Southern California)
Janelia Host: Tzumin Lee
Project Title: Single-cell RNA sequencing of rare target cells with microfluidic device
Objective: To build a microfluidic device that can readily sort pre-selected cells without loss for RNA-seq of 1-10 cells depending on experimental needs