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Life Science Across the Globe: A Sister Institute Seminar Series

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Life Science Across the Globe: A Sister Institute Seminar Series
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Life Science Across the Globe: A Sister Institute Seminar Series
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This exciting online seminar series represents a partnership among eight sister institutes on five continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Recognizing that open communication of science across borders is key to increasing knowledge and advancing solutions to global problems, the series will feature two short talks from one of the sister institutes each week: one on science and another on science culture. 

We hope that this scientific exchange among researchers and trainees from within the institutes (and beyond!) will spark new ideas and partnerships.

Presentations are open to everyone and will be geared toward a broad scientific audience.

Recordings of all talks will be available on this page for anyone unable to attend the live webinar.

Participating Sister Institutions

Previous Talk: July 1

Janelia Research Campus 

Gerry Rubin, Senior Group Leader and former Executive Director
“The Connectome of the Fly Brain: An Example of Big Science”


Ruchi Parekh, Connectome Annotation Team Manager
Science Culture Talk “The CAT culture”

Upcoming Speakers

All talks are scheduled on Wednesdays at 9am ET.

Watch at


July 8: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Mikala Egeblad headshot

Mikala Egeblad, Associate Professor

Science Talk: “NETs in flames: Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in disease”

David Micklos headshot

David Micklos, Executive Director, Dolan DNA Learning Center

Science Culture Talk: “CSHL’s DNA Learning Center: A successful formula for education outreach”


July 15: University of Buenos Aires/CONICET

Kornblihtt headshot

Alberto Kornblihtt, Group Leader & Professor, FCEN

Science Talk: “Chromatin, transcription and alternative splicing in the cure of a hereditary disease”

Gamarnik headshot

Andrea Gamarnik, Head of Molecular Virology Laboratory

Science Culture Talk: “From basic science to the battlefield of COVID-19”


July 22: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Goedert and Scheres headshot

Michel Goedert, Programme Leader and former Head of Neurobiology Division

Sjors Scheres, Programme Leader and Head of Structural Studies Division

Science Talk: “Cryo-EM structures of amyloid filaments from human brain”

Henderson headshot

Richard Henderson, Programme Leader and former LMB Director

Science Culture Talk: “The evolving LMB culture”


July 29: European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Typas headshot

Nassos Typas, Group Leader

Science Talk: “Drugs & Bugs: Unexplored relationships”

McEntyre headshot

Johanna McEntyre, Associate Director of EMBL-EBI Services, Senior Scientist and Head of Literature Services

Science Culture Talk: “Understanding EMBL open science culture”


Aug. 5: Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, University of Cape Town

Mizrahi headshot

Valerie Mizrahi, Director, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine

Science Talk: “Tackling big questions in tuberculosis: A TB biologist’s view from South Africa”

Koch headshot

Anastasia Koch, Cofounder of Eh!woza & Junior Research Fellow

Science Culture Talk: “Responding to pandemic: Public engagement as essential science”


Aug. 12: National Centre for Biological Sciences

Uma headshot

Uma Ramakrishnan, Associate Professor & Group Leader

Science Talk: “Tiger survival in the 21st century: Insights from population genetics”

Ratnam headshot

Jayashree Ratnam, Associate Director, Wildlife Biology and Conservation Program

Science Culture Talk: "Capacity-building for wildlife and conservation science: Academia-practitioner collaborations as a vital tool"


Aug. 19: Tsinghua University – Peking University Center for Life Sciences

Hai Qi headshot

Hai Qi, Professor, Tsinghua University

Science Talk: “Brain control of adaptive immunity”

Tang headshot

Chao Tang, Professor, Peking University

Science Culture Talk: “Center for Life Sciences”