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Research Facilities

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Research Facilities
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The Janelia campus was designed to inspire a vibrant scientific community, giving researchers state-of-the-art laboratories and office space; social spaces to relax, discuss ideas, and build relationships; and the amenities to make life and work easier.

What makes Janelia’s campus unique?

Our flexible lab spaces are adapted for each project’s needs, whether room for hands-on science or theoretical research. Scientists access world-class support facilities behind the labs. Vibration-resistant and climate-controlled areas house sensitive equipment. Shared research resources include a vivarium, an advanced imaging center, a high-performance computer cluster, and an instrument design and fabrication shop.


Janelia is in Loudoun County, an energized and growing technology hub 35 miles from Washington D.C. Loudoun County has an excellent public school system and is considered the center of the U.S. telecommunications industry, with 70% of the world’s Internet traffic on a daily basis passing through the county's network of switches and data centers. Companies neighboring Janelia build and launch communication satellites and develop high-security data storage and transmission strategies. The western part of the county is more rural and is home to over 1,400 farms and several wineries. Within a short drive are the National Institutes of Health; the Food and Drug Administration; the National Institute of Standards and Technology; Georgetown, George Washington and Johns Hopkins universities; and the Carnegie Institute of Science in Baltimore. Dulles International Airport is just 15 minutes from the Janelia campus, offering easy access for visiting scientists and conference participants. Janelia provides regular, free shuttle bus service to the D.C. metro area. On-campus housing is also available.

Culture of Collaboration

We designed every aspect of the campus to inspire the interdisciplinary collaborations needed to crack tough scientific challenges. When scientists move about campus, from lab to office to meeting room to fitness center, they frequently come into contact with colleagues. The dining hall provides meals in a condensed time frame, ensuring full tables and lively conversations. Our scientists are provided with generous administrative support and are free of other obligations and time vampires.