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Visiting Scientists

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You + Janelia / Visiting Scientists

Janelia's Visiting Scientist Program brings together scientists to solve interdisciplinary problems – often making use of new and innovative technologies developed at Janelia.
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Visiting Scientists
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Visiting scientists develop collaborations and research contributions that last long after they leave our campus.

Since 2007, Janelia has hosted more than 410 visiting scientists from 23 countries. They come from a wide range of disciplines – primarily biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics – and career stages. Whether graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or established senior investigators, our visitors apply to pursue research interests alongside our scientists.  On a case-by-case basis, Janelia may provide office space, funding, campus housing and even dedicated staff.

Visitors participate fully in the intellectual life on campus. The Janelia environment inspires our visitors with new and exciting ideas. They have access to multiple resources and are welcomed to attend and participate in Janelia conferences and seminars.