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Support Teams / Viral Tools
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What We Do

The Janelia Viral Tools team specializes in custom production with high titer, high standards, and fast turnaround. We aim to fulfill the viral tool needs for Janelia as well as the broader HHMI community, from designing viral constructs to troubleshooting experiments. We offer routine adeno-associated virus (AAV), rabies, and lenti/retrovirus vector production. Other viral vectors can be produced on an as-needed basis. We are actively working to improve existing and create new viral tools.


  • Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)
  • Rabies Virus (RbV)
  • Lentivirus
  • Other viral vectors upon request
  • Viral construct design
  • Viral vector trouble-shooting/validation
  • Viral vector optimization based on investigator specific needs
  • Development of new viral tools
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HHMI researcher virus production

AAV, Rabies, Lentivirus production available specifically to HHMI researchers, please use the buttons below. 

AAV Prep Request

Rabies Prep Request

Lentivirus Prep Request

Get in Touch

For data feedback, questions, and comments please contact us.

Email Us Today


Looking for rAAV2-retro?

Unfortunately, our stock of tester aliquots for rAAV2-retro has been fully depleted.

The rAAV2-retro helper plasmid is available through Addgene to academics and the non-profit neuroscience community. 

Order Helper Plasmid Through Addgene