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Janelia Experimental Technology

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What We Do

We implement solutions that make your science a reality.

Janelia Experimental Technology (jET) designs, builds and tests commercially unavailable instruments, tools, and software. We listen to Janelia researchers to understand their needs, share ideas, and then execute on a technical plan. We collaborate throughout the process, from concept to completion. We are constantly improving our design engineering and manufacturing to ensure we can build cost-effective tools fast.

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We provide in-house assistance to researchers through a complete life cycle of system development leveraging our wide scope of skills--from mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering to software systems design and implementation.

We offer expertise in:

  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Machine vision and image processing
  • Precision machining
  • Embedded systems design and programming
  • Laser, microscopy, and optical imaging systems engineering
  • Custom circuit design
  • Novel sensor systems
  • Lab automation, robotics and motion control
  • Mechanical design, machined and/or fabricated components and assemblies
  • Process automation
The Janelia Experimental Technology facility has a complete workshop for electronics and machine vision development, data acquisition system design, control system development, assembly, and testing. The jET facility also has a metrology and optics lab, suitable for quality assessments of fabricated parts and systems development for optical microscopy.
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