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Betzig Lab

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Current Research
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Bioimaging technologies developed in our lab: superresolution photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM); pulse splitters for mediation of nonlinear photodamage; Bessel beam plane illumination for rapid three-dimensional live cell imaging; and adaptive optics for deep tissue imaging.

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Due to its comparatively benign effect on living systems, optical microscopy has been the workhorse for studies of structure and function at the cellular level and below for hundreds of years. Many questions at the forefront of molecular, cellular, and neurobiology remain beyond its current capabilities. In our group, we collaborate with scientists and engineers across disciplines to extend these capabilities in ways that we hope can be readily adopted by biologists at Janelia and elsewhere. The challenges of optical bioimaging, and hence the scope of our efforts, can be broken into four areas:

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Eric Betzig: Beyond the Nobel Prize -- New approaches to microscopy