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Primary & iPS Cell Culture

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Support Teams / Primary & iPS Cell Culture
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What We Do

The Primary and iPS Cell Culture Team provides expertise in the creation of primary cells and the maintenance and differentiation of iPSCs.  Primary cells are created from tissues collected from a variety of organisms, including drosophila, rodent, and fish.  Work with iPSCs is focused on maintaining and differentiation into many cell types, including neurons, cardiomyocytes, and hepatocytes.  This shared resource works closely with Molecular Genomics to transfect constructs and edit the genome of primary and iPS cells.


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What We Offer

  • Laminar flow and biosafety cabinets, fluorescent dissecting microscopes, EVOS live cell imaging microscope, Lonza 4D Electroporator, CO2 and tri-gas incubators, and other necessary equipment for the collection of tissue and maintenance of primary and iPS cells by the shared resource or researchers. 
  • Quality control of equipment and reagents. 
  • Cell transfection using electroporation and viral transduction. 
  • Gene editing of primary and iPS cells using CRISPR. 
  • Maintaining iPSCs to ensure pluripotency. 
  • Differentiation of iPSCs into neuronal, cardiac, and liver cell types. 
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