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Primary & iPS Cell Culture

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Support Teams / Primary & iPS Cell Culture
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What We Do

Our Cell and Tissue Culture Facility is a unique, consolidated facility providing expert maintenance of cell cultures with a high level of efficiency, competence, and safety for the research campus. This shared resource provides services for maintaining, plating, transfection and preparation of cells for imaging and other applications. Our facility provides a collaborative environment where researchers can reserve cell culture hoods and interact with other lab and staff members.


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What We Offer

  • 1,000 square foot facility with seven biosafety cabinets and 15 incubators. Researchers can reserve BSCs for their own culture work using an equipment scheduler.
  • Quality control of equipment, reagents and cell stocks.
  • Stable cell line development.
  • Cell transfections using a variety of reagents and protocols.
  • Maintenance of a variety of cell lines, plating and splitting of cells and preparing cells and cover slips for imaging applications.
  • A 500 square foot BSL2 room for preparing and working with viruses.
  • Recombinant protein production using baculovirus and mammalian expression systems. Other related capabilities include vector design and construction, western blot confirmation and protein production using bacterial systems.
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