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Liu (Zhe) Lab

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A fertilized egg - a single cell - carrying one copy of mom's and one copy of dad's DNA is able to divide and differentiate to trillions of cells and hundreds of cell types in our body, enabling each of us to thrive in the society.

      Our lab focuses on quantitatively analyzing gene regulatory mechanisms at the single-cell, single-molecule level. We aim to understand how cell fate decisions in development and disease arise from seemingly stochastic molecular events. Employing multidisciplinary approaches, we explore the connections between genome organization, gene regulation, and molecular dynamics, both in cell culture and in vivo environments.

          We recently developed cycleHCR - a deep-tissue spatial omics technique for high-resolution, multiplex analysis of RNA and protein compositions in thick specimens such as mouse embryos and brain tissues. We are actively expanding its applications to unravel gene and genome functions in vivo.


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"Function follows form

at present while form

follows function during


- my take