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Leadership Team

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Leadership Team
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Janelia Leadership

Ron Vale is the Executive Director. He is responsible for coordinating the research areas at Janelia to execute on Janelia’s mission and vision. He works closely with the Heads of Janelia’s research areas to determine our research priorities and strategies.

Nelson Spruston is the Chief of Janelia Scientific Operations and Programs. He works with a team of people responsible for ensuring effective implementation of our scientific mission, including research operations as well as several scientific programs that maximize our impact.

Scientific Research and Operations

Vivek Jayaraman leads Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience, a 15-year research program that began in 2019.

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz leads 4D Cellular Physiology, a 15-year research program that began in 2022.

Luke Lavis leads Molecular Tools and Imaging, a core research area that pioneers the development of tools that enable new experimental approaches, particularly in the 15-year research areas.

Stephan Saalfeld leads Computation and Theory, a core research area focused on computational tools and theoretical approaches that interface with the 15-year research areas.

Wyatt Korff is the Senior Director of Project Teams. He has oversight of Janelia’s Project Teams  and Open Science initiatives.

Reed George is the Managing Director of Janelia Scientific Operations. He is principally responsible for Janelia’s Shared Support Teams.

Scientific Programs

Erik Snapp is the Director of Student and Postdoctoral Training Programs. He directs our activities related to postdoctoral fellow, graduate scholar, summer undergraduate, and high school intern training. He also provides support for science career navigation for all interested Janelians.

Janine Stevens is the Director of Scientific Programs responsible for Janelia’s conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Mike Perham is the Director of Innovation and External Relations. He is responsible for patenting and licensing technologies developed at Janelia, as well as overseeing our community outreach programs.

Zarixia Zavala-Ruiz is the Senior Director of Scientific Programs. She oversees several programs at Janelia, including the Visiting Scientist Program and Group Leader recruitment, mentoring, and review.

Janelia Ombuds Office

Julie Muroff is the Ombuds at Janelia. She provides confidential support to employees to help them navigate work-related conflicts, concerns, and opportunities, and provides systemic feedback on issues to improve communication and collaboration throughout the institute.

Facilities and Administrative Operations

Ray Cho is the Chief of Facilities, Safety, and Security. He is responsible for ensuring safe and continuous operation of HHMI’s research and campus facilities.

Tina Moo Young is the Senior Director of Campus Operations. She oversees a team of people responsible for enriching campus life at HHMI’s campuses.

Kristy Arrington is Janelia’s Director of People and Culture. She works with a team of people who recruit and onboard our team members, helping them with benefits, visas, and more.

Pamela Regester is the Director of Janelia Business Management. She works with a team of people who oversee our finances and budgeting.

Deb Speert is Janelia’s Director of Communications. She is responsible for communicating with our teams and employees, as well as conveying news about Janelia to public audiences.