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Leadership Team

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Leadership Team
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The Janelia Council is a team of leaders who represent Janelia's primary areas of research and operations. Together, Council members promote a shared vision for Janelia's work and culture. In collaboration with advisors, senior HHMI leaders, and the Janelia community, we're dedicated to an environment in which everyone thrives and our science advances.

Janelia Council

HHMI Vice President & Executive Director

Ronald Vale

Chief of Facilities, Safety, and Security

Ray Cho

Senior Director, Scientific Operations and Projects

Reed George

Senior Group Leader and Head of Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience

Vivek Jayaraman

Director, Project Teams

Wyatt Korff

Senior Group Leader and Head of Molecular Tools and Imaging

Luke Lavis

Senior Group Leader and Interim Head of 4D Cellular Physiology

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

Senior Director, Campus Operations

Tina Moo Young

Ombuds Director

Julie Muroff

Interim Head of Janelia's Computation & Theory Research Area

Stephan Saalfeld

Senior Director, Scientific Programs

Nelson Spruston



Administrative Operations and Facilities

Director, People & Culture

Kristy Arrington

Director, Innovations and External Relations

Michael Perham

Director, Facilities - JRC

Mark Philip

Director, Janelia Business Management

Pamela Regester

Director of Campus Life

Kimberly Ripley

Director, Janelia Communications

Debra Speert

Scientific Operations

Regional Director, Scientific Computing Systems

Goran Ceric

Director, Advanced Imaging Center

Teng-Leong Chew

Director, Animal and Biological Services

Jim Cox

Director, Gene targeting and transgenics resources

Caiying Guo

Director, Janelia Experimental Technology

Anthony Leonardo

Director, Annotation & Analytics

Ruchi Parekh

Director, Scientific Computing

Stephan Preibisch

Shared Resource Director, Cryo EM

Zhiheng Yu

Science and Training

Director, Student and Postdoctoral Programs

Erik Snapp

Director, Scientific Programs

Janine Stevens

Director, Scientific Programs

Zarixia Zavala-Ruiz