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Michael Perham

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Mike Perham has been the Head of Innovation Management at Janelia since the beginning of 2016. He brings a broad range of experience from industry and academia in technical and administrative roles. He handles technology management and dissemination and IP protection for Janelia in service of the Open Science initiative.

Prior to Janelia, he was Director of IP and Licensing at Health Diagnostic Laboratory, an innovative testing laboratory for cardiometabolic testing, and Director of IP and Commercial Contracts at ZyGEM/Microlab Diagnostics, a developer of reagents and rapid DNA analysis instrumentation. He previously handled academic technology transfer as a Licensing Associate at the University of Texas Medical Branch, the Rice University Office of Technology Transfer and the University of Virginia, where he started and managed the UVAPF Advisory Council.

Perham received his PhD in biophysical chemistry from Rice University, where, as a NIH Biotechnology Trainee and Keck Fellow in the Houston-Area Molecular Biophysics Program, he studied experimental protein folding among the broad training opportunities. Prior to grad school, he was a chemist at PPG Industries and received a BS in chemistry and BA in math from the University of Texas at Austin. His interests in technology and entrepreneurship have driven work for multiple startups and incubators in Virginia and Texas.

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PhD, Physical chemistry, Rice University
BS/BA, Chemistry/Math, The University of Texas at Austin