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Project Overview
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CellMap interrogates, with high resolution, the 3D architecture and subcellular structures of cells in their native tissue environment for 21st century histology and pathology. CellMap utilizes high-resolution volume imaging including the Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) technology enhanced by the Hess Lab and collaborates with experts in chemistry, advanced imaging, biology, computation and computer vision in labs, shared resources, and project teams to characterize and discover how cells look in tissue. A multidisciplinary effort, CellMap fosters innovation and collaboration across Janelia’s scientific groups and builds upon the successes of COSEM, FlyEM, and the Enhanced FIB-SEM Shared Resource to generate canonical datasets that will help advance the field of cell biology. CellMap will be foundational for 4DCP, Janelia’s new research area focused on understanding how cells work and communicate across scales to build and maintain organs and organisms


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Learn more about the latest work from COSEM.

Explore our interactive data portal OpenOrganelle.