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Integrative Imaging

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The Light Microscopy Facility advances research by supporting robust solutions for optical microscopy.
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What We Do

Complex problems require multifaceted solutions. Integrated Imaging (I2) exists to coordinate our resources and expertise into a seamless workflow that works for your project.

We aren’t a core – we’re an ecosystem. Our interdisciplinary team consists of physicists, biomedical engineers, physical chemists, mathematicians, cellular and molecular biologists, and computer scientists.  Our imaging team collaborates with and integrates the resources of Cell and Tissue Culture, Vivarium, jET, Scientific Computing, and more. And of course, we bring the unique and powerful microscopy tools developed here at Janelia.

From brainstorming ideas to building custom analyses to creating new ways to visualize our world, explore what’s possible with I2.

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Advanced Imaging Center


03/17/2023 | LMSR is now Integrative Imaging. We also help design and implement complex, longer-term microscopy projects.

03/01/2023 | We've recently added many new and/or upgraded instruments.

10/19/2022 | 2nd Imaging Africa Workshop and AMI Imaging Center inauguration

08/01/2022 | 1st Optical Imaging Across Biological Length Scales bootcamp

01/01/2020 | We have advanced workflows using Janelia's IPP to easily process acquisitions from light sheet microscopes.