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Open Science / Overview

In biology, new technology drives innovation. We work to share everything we do here – innovation, ideas, tools, techniques – with scientists globally, in nonprofit research, academia, and business.
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When our researchers create innovations like specialized microscopes, software, or better reagents, we work to make these new tools accessible to other scientists as widely and cost-effectively as possible. We team up with nonprofits that are just as passionate about scientific discovery as we are, and we work with commercial partners that can build on our ideas to produce new products.

We also open our doors in several other ways, from our long-standing conference program to our Advanced Imaging Center. Our goal is to make Janelia a resource for the entire scientific community as many ways as possible.

We recently created the Open Science Software Initiative (OSSI), whose goal is to support scientists at Janelia to build, extend, maintain and document user-friendly and developer-friendly open-source software.

Open Science Resources

In addition to publication in scholarly journals, discussion at scientific conferences, and general exchange in the scientific community, we provide data, software, information, materials, and organisms through the following venues.

Janelia Tools and Innovations

We index our offerings on the Tools & Innovations page. There you can find:

Third-party repositories

We use repositories to share resources from our research, whether a model organism, a plasmid, a chemical compound, or novel software. Those platforms include:



Plasmids & Viruses at Addgene


Data on Figshare


Zebrafish at ZIRC​


Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center


Tools on Flintbox


Software at GitHub


Mice at Jackson Laboratory



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Protocols at


Commercial platforms

Commercial organizations can scale up and broadly distribute innovations, such as a new biosensor or imaging technology. We develop relationships and collaborate with the business world to facilitate this model. Our goal is not to generate revenue but rather maximize the impact of tools developed here by making them widely available to scientists everywhere.

Open-source licenses

We practice open-source licensing for software, data, and data dissemination. Most (but not all) of such resources developed at Janelia are licensed under the following terms: