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2 Photon Random Access Mesoscope
Researchers at HHMI Janelia Research Campus have designed and built a 2-photon random access mesoscope (2P-RAM) that provides rapid imaging anywhere within a large tissue volume. ...
3D iPalm
This invention combines interferometry and photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) to create a new light microscopy technique that provides sub-20-nm, three-dimensional localization....
A spherical harmonics framework for whole-embryo mechanics modeling
A spherical harmonics framework for whole-embryo mechanics modeling We provide the following computer code and programs: Matlab classes and utility functions for calculating...
We have developed a widely used Cre-dependent viral vector utilizing a genetic element called a FLEX switch. Example plasmids are available from
Adaptive Optics via Pupil Image Segmentation
Microscope Adaptive Optics by rear pupil masking, adaptive optics for high-resolution imaging in biological tissue. This technology advances light microscopy's resolution and depth limit...
Alignment Tool
The correct positioning of optical elements like lenses, mirrors, and AOTFs in optical systems can often be tedious. However, precise and reproducible alignment tools can simplify the...
Behavioral Control System Box
Observing neural activity during behavior has become an important tool in understanding neural function. Behavior reflects nervous system activity and is dependent on multiple factors, including...
Bovine Papillomavirus CryoEM Image Data
  Abstract Papillomaviruses, members of a group of dsDNA viruses associated with epithelial growths and tumors, have compact capsids assembled from 72 pentamers of the protein L1. We have...
A Modular CMake-based System BuildEM is a modular CMake-based system that leverages CMake's ExternalProject to simplify and automate a complex build process. Its goal is to allow ...
Cable Driver
The Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) cable driver provides a fast, low noise transmission of a TTL up signal to a remote location while providing some protection against ground...