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Dimple Press
The Dimple Press is a novel instrument that affords a significant advancement in protocol development in the fields of genetics and embryonic development, with specific application to the...
DPX Slide Jig
The process of embedding tissue in the plastic resin dibutyl phthalate in xylene (DPX) creates specimens that are optically transparent and produce high-resolution, fluorescent confocal images....
DQE Data Files
Data description The archives linked at the right contain silhouette images of beamstops recorded on a variety of microscopes (FEI F20, F30 and Titan Krios) using different electron detectors (...
Drosophila Mounting T-Dish
High-throughput imaging of Drosophila central nervous system specimens requires precise, standardized arrangement of the samples on a microscope slide.  A simple grid makes locating...
Drosophila on a Ball
There is a long history of putting a tethered insect on a ball to measure its movements in response to controlled sensory stimuli. As mentioned in the publication, Karl Götz and Erich Buchner had...
Drosophilia Genetic Tools
Rubin lab Plasmid Constructs are available from Addgene, which has distributed over 430 of the plasmids listed below.   Plasmids from Pfeiffer et al. 2008 and Pfeiffer...
EF-G-ribosome pre-translocation complex Frealign parameter files
Publication 2013: Structure of the ribosome with elongation factor G trapped in the pretranslocation state Abstract During protein synthesis, tRNAs and their associated mRNA codons...
Efficient processing and analysis of large-scale light-sheet microscopy data
Efficient processing and analysis of large-scale light-sheet microscopy data Configure Light-sheet microscopy is a powerful method for imaging the development and function of complex...
Encoder Interface
Designed primarily for use with the rodent treadmill, the Encoder Interface provides an inexpensive and easy to build method to connect a quadrature encoder to serial and analog interfaces. The...
About the Innovation Ephus is a collection of small programs which work together harmoniously to support electrophysiology, LSPS, and other applications. For an overview, see Suter, O'...