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Drosophilia Genetic Tools
Rubin lab Plasmid Constructs are available from Addgene, which has distributed over 430 of the plasmids listed below.   Plasmids from Pfeiffer et al. 2008 and Pfeiffer...
EF-G-ribosome pre-translocation complex Frealign parameter files
Publication 2013: Structure of the ribosome with elongation factor G trapped in the pretranslocation state Abstract During protein synthesis, tRNAs and their associated mRNA codons...
Ephus is a collection of small programs which work together harmoniously to support electrophysiology, LSPS, and other applications. For an overview, see Suter, O'Connor, et al., ...
Exon Junction Complex Electron Microscope Data
Publication 2006: The three-dimensional arcitecture of the EJC core Abstract The exon junction complex (EJC) is a macromolecular complex deposited at splice junctions on mRNAs as a...
Fiji Cell Counter
Structured process for the manual count of particles (e.g. cell bodies) in 2D and 3D images of any kind with graphical mark-up in the image. For flexibility reasons this tool was implemented as...
Fly Bowl
The Fly Bowl behavior quantification system We have developed a high-throughput system for quantifying the locomotion and social behavior of flies with both breadth and...
Fly Light Split-GAL4 Driver Collection
The data presented on this site are the work of the Janelia FlyLight Project Team and the laboratories of Gerald M. Rubin, Kristin Branson, and Gwyneth Card. ...
Fly Song Recorder
Many animals rely on acoustic signals to communicate both social and sexual information. The Drosophila melanogaster fly has served as a powerful model system for genetic studies of...
FlyEM Connectome Project EM Neural Circuits Source Data
At Janelia, the FlyEM Project is developing technology that will enable us to create a map of every neuron and synapse in the Drosophila nervous system, using novel approaches to electron...
Four-way Olfactometer Arena for Fruit Flies
The four-way olfactometer is a structure for fly experimentation, wherein four sectors with different odors are created in a chamber, stimulating and allowing for observation of fly...