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    Optical Flow for Time-lapse Microscopy Using Super-Voxels
    Optical flow is a key method used for quantitative motion estimation of biological structures in light microscopy. It has also been used as a key module in segmentation and tracking systems and is...
    Reconstruction of Cell Lineages from Large-Scale Fluorescence Microscopy Data
    The comprehensive reconstruction of cell lineages in complex multicellular organisms is a central goal of developmental biology. We present an open-source computational framework for the...
    The short optical penetration depth of light  microscopes limits live imaging of large biological specimens. Improvements in live imaging, specifically the ability to record and quantify fast...
    Whole-brain Functional Recordings
    Brain function relies on communication between large populations of neurons across multiple brain areas, a full understanding of which would require knowledge of the time-varying activity of all...
    Whole-embryo Mechanics Modeling
    We provide the following computer code and programs: Matlab classes and utility functions for calculating spherical harmonics basis functions and their derivatives, and also for generating...