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Support Teams

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Support Teams

The best research environments remove obstacles to scientific progress. Our support teams partner with labs to provide made-to-order tools, software, and instruments.
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Support Teams
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From gene sequencing to 3D rendering of neural circuits, our operational teams offer technology, advice, collaboration, and services that pave the way for important, sometimes unimagined, discoveries.

Our support teams bring expert, flexible, ever-learning staff – along with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities – that complement and extend what is possible within individual research labs. By sharing resources, we can scale operations. Our goal is to enable scientists to approach research differently, get more done, and accelerate discovery.

Anatomy and Histology

The Anatomy and Histology Facility turns tissues and whole organs into sections that are suitable for microscope examination or physiological experiments.

Annotation & Analytics

Formerly known as the Connectome Annotation Team (CAT), Annotation & Analytics (A&A) was launched as a new shared resource at Janelia in September 2021. We envision this resource as a core group of highly trained professionals who aim to contribute to any Janelia research with computer-aided data annotation and analytics needs.

Cell and Tissue Culture

The Cell and Tissue Culture Facility provides expert maintenance of cell cultures with a high level of efficiency, competence, and safety for the research campus.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy

The CryoEM Facility is currently the only research facility in the United States, and also one of a very few facilities in the world, to have two state-of-the-art FEI Titan Krios cryo-electron microscopes.

Drosophila Resources

The Fly Facility provides professional care, maintenance, and organization of Janelia's fly resources.

Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Facility enables biological research at micro- and nano-scales and provides Janelia researchers a nexus for multidisciplinary collaboration in high-resolution imaging.

Gene Targeting and Transgenics

From construct design and generation to ES cell targeting, aggregation, and homozygosity testing, the Gene Targeting & Transgenics Facility makes sophisticated gene targeting a turnkey service at a low cost.

Janelia Experimental Technology (jET)

Janelia Experimental Technology designs, builds, and tests commercially unavailable instruments, tools, and software.

Light Microscopy

The Light Microscopy Facility works to advance research by supporting robust solutions for fluorescence and confocal imaging.

Media Prep

The Media Prep Facility feeds Janelia research. Experienced staff provide a consistent supply of quality-assured media, reagents, and fly food products to support laboratories and team projects.

Molecular Biology

Using a customer-centric approach to scientific support, our Molecular Biology Facility provides reliable services and expert assistance for routine and specialized molecular biology techniques.

Project Technical Resources

The experienced Project Technical Resources staff provides technical support for various Janelia team projects, helps to jump-start new team projects, and makes accrued expertise available to laboratories.

Quantitative Genomics

Quantitative Genomics provides expert services for cell isolation, transcriptome and epigenetic profiling, and de novo genome assembly using next generation sequencing technologies from Illumina and Ion Torrent. 

Scientific Computing Software

Scientific Computing Software works closely with Janelia's labs, project teams, and shared resources. We can help with software engineering and research tasks, providing everything from help with a quick question to full software life cycle support.

Scientific Computing Systems

Janelia’s storage and computational resources require a first-class Data Center. The department maintains 4000 sq. ft. data center capable of providing over 250 watts per square foot of power and cooling.

Viral Tools

The Janelia Viral Tools Facility specializes in custom virus production for the manipulation and mapping of neuronal circuits.  


The Vivarium enables laboratory animal research by maintaining flexibility and developing unique solutions for emerging technologies and changing researcher needs.