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Project Technical Resources

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Support Teams / Project Technical Resources
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What We Do

Our team provides technical support for Janelia team projects. We also leverage technologies and technical skills accrued over the course of individual team projects to the maximal benefit of the Janelia research community. While team projects start and finish, we aim to preserve the resources and make them available to new team projects and laboratories.

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The Project Technical Resources team comprises highly trained and flexible staff assisting various team projects and laboratories. Our specialists and technicians may be dedicated exclusively to one large team project for the entire life span of the project, or they may be point persons for specific assays and as such assist multiple projects, large and small.

We help to jump-start new team projects through reassignment of experienced staff who know the in and outs of Janelia’s workings, or through training of new team members. This novel concept also provides a measure of stability for project staff, specifically for those high performers who wish to continue working at Janelia after completion of a specific project.

The team effectively liaises with Janelia Shared Resources and Scientific Computing to facilitate the efficient progression of projects. 

  • Technical support for Janelia team projects. These projects are focused on high-throughput endeavors to define the anatomy, function and organization of neuronal circuits in the fly and other model organisms. They require specialized technical skills, such as high quality fly brain dissections, staining and imaging (FlyLight) or running of behavior assay pipelines. Project team support is our highest priority, and we will assign the most experienced staff members available to new projects as they arise.
  • Transfer of practical skills. In collaboration with the project teams, we provide protocols, advice, and hands-on training for researchers who wish to perform experiments that use methods established in team projects.
  • Preservation of technologies and technical skills developed in team projects beyond the lifetimes of individual projects for future requirements in team projects and Janelia laboratories.
  • Technical support for Janelia laboratories utilizing any free capacity that is not required by team projects. 
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