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Reiser Lab

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Lab Updates

01/03/19 | We have an open position for a Postdoc / Research Specialist in Behavioral Neurosicence 
06/28/18 | We have an open position for a Postdoc / Research Specialist in Neural Circuits and Behavior
01/08/18 | Eyal's paper on the mechanism of directional selectivity is out. Wonderful collaboration with Sandro Romani
12/18/17 | Jim, Shiuan-Tze, Ed, Jessica, Allan, and Aljoscha's paper on behavioral state modulation of the motion pathway is out. 
11/09/17 | Nathan, Aljoscha, Martin, Ed, and Pat's paper on looming detection is out. A wonderful collaboration with Gwyneth Card and Gerry Rubin
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Current Research
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We seek to understand the transformations of visual information that occur throughout the fly brain. 

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We are working to link identified visual pathways to specific behavioral programs. We use the modern Drosophila molecular-genetic toolkit along with the unparalleled control over stimuli that is the hallmark of vision science to understand this intricate, but increasingly well described, network. All projects in the lab combine multiple approaches. We explore the rich visual behaviors of walking and flying flies, along with functional investigations of specific cell types using electrophysiology and calcium imaging. All of our work benefits from extensive instrument development efforts and computational methods for data analysis and modeling.

We work closely with several groups within Janelia, especially the labs of Gerry RubinGwyneth CardVivek Jayaraman, ​Kristin Branson, and the FlyEM and Fly Olympiad Project teams.