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Immortalized Cell Line Culture

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Support Teams / Immortalized Cell Line Culture
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What We Offer

The Immortalized Cell Line Culture team is committed to delivering exceptional services and proficiently maintaining immortalized cell cultures, prioritizing efficiency, commitment to processes, quality control, and reliable scheduling.

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We address the diverse requirements of scientists, offering support for various tasks such as plating, passaging, cryopreserving, transfection, and preparing cells for imaging and other applications. Our facility fosters collaboration, allowing researchers to reserve cell culture hoods and engage with fellow lab and staff members.

Our Services

  • Routine cell plating and passaging services.
    • Availability of well-known cell lines such as HeLa-WT, COS7, HEK293-WT, U2OS-WT, and 293T, as well as the provision of any requested immortalized cells.
  • Cell transfections using various reagents and protocols, including Amaxa Electroporation, Lipofectamine, and Polyethylenimine (PEI).
  • Collaborative efforts with Viral Tools and Molecular Genomics teams for stable cell line development.
  • Stringent quality control measures for equipment, reagents, and cell stocks.
  • Access to 4 biosafety cabinets and 20 incubators. Researchers can conveniently reserve Biosafety Cabinets (BSCs) for their culture work using an equipment scheduler.
  • Microscope station equipped with an Olympus IX73 inverted phase contrast epifluorescence microscope for precise cell monitoring.