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Tebo Lab

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Research Overview
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Two major challenges in bioimaging using biosensors are 1) the relative dearth of strategies to measure biochemical events at the tissue scale and 2) multiplexing biosensors.

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Projects in the lab focus on tools that can be useful in this milieu. The lab is broadly interested in 1) developing protein engineering techniques to rapidly and efficiently generate high-performance biosensors and 2) using protein engineering and chemical biology to sense and manipulate intercellular interactions, metabolic flux, and signaling at the tissue scale. We are currently exploring projects related to:

  • High-throughput assays and machine learning for protein engineering
  • Multiplexed fluorescent biosensors
  • Manipulation and detection of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions

Interested in joining the team?

We have opportunities for postdoctoral researchers, PhD students (through the Johns Hopkins / Janelia graduate program, or graduate research fellowship program), and undergraduate students (through the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars summer program).

For inquiries email