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Community Relations

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About Us / Community Relations

Janelia Community Relations supports the Loudoun County community through science education, charitable giving, and community outreach.
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Community Relations
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Janelia Research Campus is an active member of the Loudoun County community. Our Community Relations team supports our STEM-focused philanthropic and outreach programs.


To inspire the Loudoun County community through science education, charitable giving, and community outreach.


To strengthen Janelia's connection and partnership with the Loudoun community with a focus on:

  • underserved populations
  • STEAM development

Key Contributions:

  • $1 million in annual support for science education through Loudoun County Public Schools
  • $60,000 in annual funding for non-profits that address pressing local needs for underserved populations within Loudoun County through the HHMI Janelia Community Fund
  • 1,100 staff volunteer hours per year, on average

Key Program: