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Janelia ScienceXplorers is an outreach initiative that expands on our open science mission to make scientific research accessible to everyone and to support science education.

Connect with our scientists through the following programs:

Public Programs  


  • A public lecture series at Janelia featuring serious, insightful, funny, and often personal talks by HHMI researchers.

Science Away From the Bench

  • Science presentations for your class, team, group, or organization by one of our researchers.

Science on Tap (with Loudoun County Public Library)

  • Presentations and discussions about science topics over drinks with members of the community at a local brewery.

Curriculum Partnerships


  • High school teachers and Janelia scientists work together to increase interest in the biological sciences by allowing students to discover viruses and develop a sense of project independence and ownership.

Machine Learning Mentorship (with Loudoun County Public Schools)

  • Teachers learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence during workshops at Janelia and work with our computational scientists to develop a course on artificial intelligence and machine learning for their students.

Student Programs

Hour of Code


  • Computer science concepts and fun programming games for young people at local libraries, led by HHMI Janelia computational scientists.

Janelia-Loudoun County Resident Summer Internship Program

  • A paid eight-week internship for high school students to do research using state-of-the-art technology and methods to answer biology and computational science questions under the guidance of Janelia scientists.

Janelia Science Mentorship Program

  • An opportunity for middle school students to learn about science and career options and be mentored by a Janelia researcher.

Job For a Day (with Loudoun County Public Schools)

  • Job shadowing at Janelia for high school students interested in careers supporting science.

RESET (Raising Excitement for Science, Engineering, and Technology, with RESET)


  • Exciting hands-on experiences with science and exposure to science professionals for children at local public schools who may never have met or have a limited understanding of STEM professionals.