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Scientific Computing Software

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Support Teams / Scientific Computing Software
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What We Do

Scientific Computing Software provides full software life cycle support for Janelia’s project teams, labs and shared resources. Our team’s software skills span a broad range of programming languages (Java, C++, Python, Perl, Matlab) frameworks (Enterprise Java, Django), and databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB). In addition to software skills, our team has deep domain knowledge in bioinformatics, image processing, electron and light microscopy, instrument control, electrophysiology, 3D graphics and data management. Almost half of our team members have earned PhDs, in areas including computer engineering, electrical engineering, physics, neurobiology, biochemistry, and computational neuroscience. Almost 85% of our team members have earned an advanced degree.

SciCompSW’s three largest activities are support for Fly Light, Mouse Light, and FlyEM projects. A key part of our mission is to identify opportunities for code reuse by our customers, reducing development and support costs. For example, our visualization tools for FlyLight and MouseLight are built on the same platform. Much of our software is open source and available via GitHub.


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The Stitcher: Large-scale EM image registration
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Large Volume Viewer
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Tools for Analysis and Management of Confocal Imagery
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Image Transformation Web Services
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Scientific Computing Associates Program

Looking for a wealth of challenging assignments that will satisfy your thirst for cutting-edge science, leverage and build on your coding skills, and launch your career in Computational Science? 

You may find a perfect fit in Janelia’s new Scientific Computing Associates program.

Apply Today