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Scientific Computing Associates

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You are a scientist or engineer. You love to write code. Let’s explore how far you can take this.
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Scientific Computing Associates
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You are a scientist or engineer. You love to write code. Let’s explore how far you can take this.
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Looking for a wealth of challenging assignments that will satisfy your thirst for cutting-edge science, leverage and build on your coding skills, and launch your career in Computational Science?  You may find a perfect fit working as Scientific Computing Associate (SCA) at Janelia.

Program Highlights

  • Provides an alternative to the classical scientific career (PhD student or postdoc), putting you in an ideal environment to establish your career as scientific software engineer, software engineer in industry or independent computational researcher.
  • Helps you build your portfolio of coding skills with a strong focus on open source software.
  • The appointment may start with an initial training/orientation period, (typically 3-6 months, SCA I), if you have limited prior formal software engineering experience. The SCA II position lasts for 24 month (18-21 months if you started as SCA I), with potential for a final 12 month extension where you'll be working hands-on with labs or project teams and Scientific Computing Software significantly contributing to Janelia’s research. 
  • Access an amazing peer group in Scientific Computing, Janelia labs and team projects, world-class computing resources, and high-impact, challenging problems in image analysis, neuroanatomy, neuronal cell biology, circuit level functional analysis, cell biology, instrument development, and control, and other areas of biology and imaging.
  • Interested applicants with significant past software engineering or computational research experience are encouraged to apply, as are current graduate students in the life sciences, math or engineering who may have more limited training.  We will work with you to tailor your project and training to your career choice and based on your incoming qualifications. 

List of current and future SCA's

List of SCA alumni

  • Virginia Scarlett (became Data and Information specialist at Janelia)
  • Marwan Zouinkhi (became Software engineer in SciComp Software)
  • Michael Innerberger (became Software engineer in SciComp Software)
  • Mark Kittisopikul (became Software engineer in SciComp Software)
  • Caroline Malin-Mayor (became PhD student at University of Toronto)
  • Greg Fleishman (became Software engineer in SciComp Software)
  • Habib Bukhari (became Head of Machine Learning at Vergesense)
  • Roman Vaxenburg (became Machine Learning Researcher in Turaga lab)
  • Lisa Ferguson (became Freelance Software Engineer)
  • Davis Bennett (became Data Engineer with the CellMap project team)
  • Andrew Moore (became Research Specialist in the Lippincott-Schwartz lab)
  • Blair Rosetti (became Assistant Professor at Oberlin College)

For more information, please contact Stephan Preibisch.