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PMT Controller and Power Supply
The Janelia PMT Controller is an updated design for use in high-performace microscopy systems. It was designed and built to meet the needs of the the new large field of view 2 photon...
PRISM is a technique for the measurement and shaping of the spectral phase profile of ultra-fast laser pulses, such as those produced by femtosecond lasers. Femtosecond lasers are gaining...
Projector for Visual Stimulation
Projectors are the most popular visual stimulation devices for visual neurophysiology experiments. Projectors can be designed with novel display solutions for rendering high temporal and spatial...
Pulse Splitter
A pulse splitter that reduces photobleaching and photodamage in two-photon fluorescence excitation (TPE) microscopy. Pulsed lasers are important tools for nonlinear...
Pulse Splitter (Nonlinear Bio-Imaging Tool)
Pulsed lasers are important tools for nonlinear bioimaging...
Purple Membrane Electron Microscopy Images
Publication 1995:  Lipid location in deoxycholate-treated purple membrane at 2.6 Å Abstract A high resolution projection at 2.6 A of deoxycholate-treated purple membrane using...
Quick-Mount Slide Holder, Fixed Positioning
Repeatable microscope observations at high magnification and resolution are difficult when using current slide holders for oil immersion due to movement of the objective, oil, and slide on the...
Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus and University of California, Berkeley have developed a powerful new tool for neuroscientists—a viral vector called...
rAAV2-retro: Efficient retrograde access to projection neurons for gene delivery
Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus and University of California, Berkeley have developed a powerful new potential delivery and targeting system for...
Proofreading is the critical process in computer vision by which humans correct superpixel-based segmentation (i.e., image division into meaningful constituent segments).  Proofreaders also...